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PLAY STOP PAUSE Commands not working


I've been running Windows Media Centre and MCE controller on my windows 7 PC controlled via Ipad using Demopad for more than a year and it worked beautifully.

I've recently upgraded my media server to windows 8.1.I reloaded Windows Media Centre and it works fine. I then loaded MCE controller (with .net framework) and I'm having problems.

Many commands work (Skipback, Skipfwd) but some don’t, for example PLAY, STOP and PAUSE?

[14-09-18 16:04:40] Server: Waiting for a client to connect
[14-09-18 16:04:44] Server: Received from Client #1 at PLAY
[14-09-18 16:04:44] Cmd: Sending VK: 'VK_MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE' (0xb3)
[14-09-18 16:07:24] Server: Received from Client #1 at stop
[14-09-18 16:07:24] Cmd: Sending VK: 'Shift-Ctrl-S' (0x53)

Am I doing something wrong?


ckindel wrote Feb 11, 2015 at 9:53 PM

Likely due to Windows 8.1 or a 3rd party keyboard driver.