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Cursor keys sent differently than other keys?


I use irule to send commands to MCE, which in turn sends keys to my HTPC. Mostly everything works perfectly.

But for some reason sending arrow keys (VK_Up etc) through MCE doesn't quite work the same as others -- for example, I can't remap them in Autohotkey. If I send a regular character like "W" through MCE, I can remap it. If I hit the actual up arrow key on the keyboard, I can remap it. But if I send up arrow through MCE, I can't remap it.

Whatever the issue is, it also seems to affect other programs -- for example, there is a small utility called Netflix Remote Controller that allows keyboard or remote control of the Windows Netflix App. But while I can use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate through Netflix with this utility, I can't use my remote control that sends arrow keys through MCE -- but all other keys sent from my remote through MCE do work in Netflix (backspace, esc, letters, etc), it is only the arrow keys that do not.

Any ideas why?